JULY 2015
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Louie Key
louieThe 'Dirty Dozen'
Common Causes of Mistakes in the Aviation Industry

By Louie Key, National Director

 With the news of our negotiations at Southwest Airlines going to mediation, many of you may be feeling more stressed than usual. That is understandable. But stress is among the top twelve most common factors that can lead to human error on the job.


The twelve-referred to as the 'Dirty Dozen'-most common behaviors that experts believe contribute to accidents in the aviation industry are all preventable if we are aware and make every effort to minimize the risks.  Read more...

Aaron Hansen

hansenStanding AMFA Strong for our Contract

By Aaron Hansen, Assistant National Director


Our contract is the biggest buzz on the hangar floor and line at Southwest Airlines. We have been in negotiations for almost three years, sitting across the table from management and fighting for another industry-leading contract. Now, because of the lack of movement on the part of the Company in negotiations, we've asked the National Mediation Board to step in to assist us. Read more...
David Brooks
brooksAvoid Heat-related Safety Issues this Summer
By David Brooks, National Safety Standards Director
Heat is the number one weather-related killer in the United States. On average, excessive heat claims more lives each year than floods, lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes combined. Every year, thousands of people become sick from heat exposure, some even die. These illnesses and deaths are preventable. During the heat of summer people often forget that they need to drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks. If you don't take the proper precautions in summer and identify the warning signs, you can develop a heat related injury.  If you work outside you are under at an increased risk of injury and certainly need to know the signs. It's impossible to overstate the importance of continuing to educate yourself about ways to stay safe and to keep your loved ones safe during the hottest months of the year. Read more...
Michael P. Nelson

nelson30 Months of Painstaking SWA Negotiations

By Michael P. Nelson, Region II Director


It's been over 30 months since the first article, "Article 1: Purpose of Agreement" was Tentatively Agreed (TA) to in the Southwest Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) and Related negotiations back on December 4, 2012. Since that time, we have worked through and added another 12 articles to the list that have been TA'd. In our 32 AMT sessions (less than 60 days in almost three years) of negotiating opportunities granted to us by the Company, we have finally reached the point where all the articles and letter of agreements (LOA) have been presented and our positions on each thoroughly clarified. Read more...

Justin Madden
MaddenGains Through Solidarity
By Justin Madden, National Secretary/Treasurer

We recently celebrated July 4, America's Independence Day.  Many of you enjoyed time with family and friends and perhaps caught a fireworks show.  But other than just being a day to attend fireworks and backyard barbecues, this day in July 1776 represents an important day for every citizen by celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson.  The Declaration was meant to free the American Colonies from the British tyranny, and to further the concepts of freedom from oppression sought after by our young country. But this Declaration came at a great personal cost to those brave enough to sign. Many of these men were educated, possessed means, and could have continued to concede to British rule.  Perhaps they considered the possibility that it was better to deal with the known rather than the unknown, to stay in the relative comfort that this provided. But these men made a choice to cast aside those thoughts and choose a more difficult path. Why would they do that? Solidarity towards a common goal, which in this case was democracy.   Read more...

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