AMFA National National Vice President
Special Election – 2022
Candidate Profiles

In an effort to provide AMFA members with basic information about candidates for union office, AMFA National has offered all candidates in this election an opportunity to submit a Candidate Profile along with their picture. Profiles were limited to 500 words and are unedited except for inappropriate content. AMFA National neither endorses any candidate for union office nor was any candidate given special treatment.

National Vice President

Pat Amore

Hello, I am Pat Amore, a Local 18 Safety Standards chair for the Florida cities and currently running for National Vice President. My career began in 1985 with American Airlines, working the ramp until I completed my A&P tickets at Lewis University. During my 26 years with American, I realized a strong union background and an environment of teamwork and compromise is important to the continued viability of our craft.

I brought this mentality to Southwest Airlines in 2010. In my experience with different airlines, I watched AMFA grow from a fledgling group to a cohesive organization that navigated a long and highly negotiated contract. Seeing this only increased my intention to keep AMFA invested in improving our quality of work life.  With two brothers as AMTs, and my nephews who are new to the industry working their way up the ranks, I have a close and vested understanding of how we as a Union need to protect our brotherhood through the ranks.

Previously, I held the Shop Rep & Professional Standards position within Local 4 until I became Safety Standards Chair. During that time, I worked hard to organize pickets, galvanizing support from SWAPA and recruiting picket walkers from other stations to increase our visibility and show solidarity amongst the ranks. Knowing the success of contract negotiations was contingent on keeping membership informed and involved, my effort was invested in extra stations visits and information sessions. Part of my face to face philosophy is keeping current on the inner workings of various locals, and attending the national JAC meetings.  These meetings are integral to leadership being aware of what is happening with membership and responding to our mechanics concerns. My intention has always been to increase communication as well as see how other locals are handling certain issues. Having been involved in local level disputes in many stations, and attending various trainings, I have strengthened my skill set in dealing with conflict while maintaining union standards. Increasingly, I respond to the ideal that each of us deserves representation, and always work to increase communication while making sure that all are represented.  Even on the local level, I did station visits to accommodate for days off and different shifts.

Moving into the future, we can build on the structure of a union that has embraced communication through Zoom and social media prior to the current world situation. With our forward thinking grasp of community and connections, I feel that my person to person skills will strengthen the union while preserving our local chapters and reinforcing the role of leadership.

Robert Cush

AMFA Members,

Hello, my name is Rob Cush and I’m running for National Vice President for the next period starting 04/4/2022 thru 10/7/2024. Currently, I work in Maintenance Control & have worked as a controller for the past 16 years. During that time, I helped organize the Maintenance Control group to become part of AMFA & severed as a SME during these past negotiations to help our committee achieve an industry leading contract for that time. Before my time in Maintenance Control, I was a Phoenix RON mechanic, Apprentice, & Line MX coordinator for 12 years. It was at this time I started helping out in the union where I served as a shop representative & helped out on the safety committee. Prior to working for Southwest Airlines, I attended Chandler/Gilbert Community College where I studied Aircraft Maintenance Technology & received my A & P license. 

If you choose to vote me into office, understand I will always represent you in a fair & honest manner. I will continue to build on the past representatives success & strive to succeed in my new role as National Vice President. Our union can only be as strong as the individuals we have representing us & together we can continue to reach our goals. One of my goals while in office will be to find ways to encourage voter turnout on all items we vote on. It will be one of my top priorities to try to increase voter participation & make sure our voices are heard on ALL matters big or small.  I will also work hard to add new members looking to unionize either internal or externally. It’s important that we always look for ways to continually try to grow AMFA and make it something great for all to appreciate. 

In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude at being given the opportunity as National Vice President. With your support, I look forward to achieving furthered strength, unity, & professionalism for AMFA.


Sincerely,  Robert R Cush