All Hail the King…

The SPAM King, that is.

AMFA Local 14 Airline Representative Jason Munson was crowned the SPAM King last year after his “Mini Maple SPAM Doughnuts” took top prize in the Great American SPAM Championship.

Munson, a 19-year veteran mechanic for Alaska Airlines, had been entering the annual recipe contest at the Washington State Fair for years to no avail.

Some of the creations Munson entered in the past were spicy SPAM macaroni and cheese; SPAM cream cheese dip; and even SPAM marinated in Chinese five-spice, barbecued and stacked with Chinese hot mustard, ketchup and sesame seeds.

Judges and critics alike hailed Munson’s buttermilk mini-doughnuts baked around a ring of fried SPAM and topped with a maple glaze and tiny chunks of fried SPAM as delicious and creative.

"These scrumptious, bite-sized doughnuts wowed the entire judging panel with their delicious flavor," said SPAM brand manager Nicole Behne. "They especially stood out for their creativity and how easy they are to make."

Munson won a four-night all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii for his winning entry. He and his wife attended the “SPAM Jam” on April 28 in Honolulu where a variety of SPAM-centric creations are featured at one of Honolulu’s largest annual street festivals.

Having won the highest honor in the Great American SPAM Championship, Munson is ineligible to participate again, but he has said he may enter another cooking/baking contest at the September Washington State Fair.

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