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AMFA-QX Negotiations Update #1
Oct 14, 2021

October 14, 2021

Participants for AMFA:
Bret Oestreich –National Director
Gene Painter –Asst. National Director
Earl Clark – Chairman and Region I Director
Bobby Shipman – Airline Representative, Local 14

Participants for Horizon Air:
Peggy Willingham – VP, People, Labor & Strategy
Jeremy Ellison – Sr. Labor Relations BP
Baron Converse – MD Maintenance Operations
Kallie Gilstad – Director Financial Planning & Analysis
Molly Gabel – Legal Counsel

AMFA and Horizon Air met in Seattle, WA on October 11, 2021, to start the negotiations process. Joseph Sprague, Horizon Air (QX) President started it off by providing our Negotiating Committee an overview and status of the regional airline business as well as the anticipated challenges facing QX in the near future. He sees a bright future for the employees of Horizon and is committed to getting these negotiations completed. Next, Gavin Jones, VP of Maintenance & Engineering addressed our Committee, stating he was excited to get the negotiations process started and that Baron Converse, MD Maintenance Operations has the authority to make decisions on work rules that affect the maintenance operation.

The AMFA Negotiating Committee then provided the Company with our bullet point openers. AMFA is opening the following articles:

2:     Recognition and Scope
6:     Work Week and Hours of Work
7:     Overtime
8:     Field Trips and Training
12:   Holidays
13:   Personal Time Off
14:   Extended Leave
16:   Management Rights
17:   Union Business
18:   Union Security and Representation
23:   Employee Benefits
24:   Definitions
25:   Wages Premiums and Shift Differentials
26:   Effective Date Duration and Savings Clause
New: Severance Allowance

Review of all Letters of Agreement (LOAs) and System Board Decisions along with Arbitration Decisions

The Company then wanted to discuss and establish a protocol for observers. We agreed to a protocol that will allow up to six observers at any one time. Observers will only be allowed to enter the room at the beginning of the session and after lunch. If you plan to observe negotiations, the protocol will be posted on the meeting room door for all to review.

The Company’s Negotiating Committee than provided us with their bullet point openers. The Company is opening the following articles:

2:     Recognition and Scope
5:     Covered Classifications and Qualifications
7:     Overtime
9:     Vacancies
10:   Shift Realignment
12:   Holidays       
13:   Personal Time Off
21:   Health and Safety and Standards
22:   General Miscellaneous
24:   Definitions
25:   Wages Premiums and Shift Differentials
26:   Effective Date Duration and Savings Clause
Review of all LOAs

The Company then gave a short presentation on the Company’s history and how it has transitioned to become the Company it is today. They showed us the other regional carriers they compare themselves with, SkyWest being the largest.

Next, we discussed where to start the actual negotiation process in our next session and decided that we would first work through all of the LOAs and then on to Article 10: Shift Realignment; Article 21: Health, Safety, and Standards; Article 17: Union Business; Article 18: Union Security and Representation; and Article 23: Employee Benefits, which is only to discuss employee travel.

We then agreed to meeting on the below dates through the end of the year before ending the session:

November 22–23 in Seattle, WA
December 9–10 in Seattle, WA
December 15–17 in Seattle, WA
December 20–23 in Seattle, WA


Your Negotiating Committee

7853 E. Arapahoe Court, Suite 1100
Centennial, CO 80112

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