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Press Release: Informational Picketing to Mark the 5 Year Anniversary of the SWA AMT Contract Amendable Date
Aug 14, 2017



Bret Oestreich, National Director

Informational Picketing to Mark the 5 Year Anniversary of the Southwest Airlines Aircraft Maintenance Technician Contract Amendable Date

Centennial, Colo. – August 14, 2017 – AMFA National Director Bret Oestreich has released the following statement:

“On behalf of the Southwest Airlines (SWA) aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs), ground support equipment technicians, plant maintenance technicians, maintenance controllers, and maintenance trainers, AMFA members will be conducting informational picketing in Chicago, IL and Phoenix, AZ on August 16, 2017, marking the five year anniversary of the AMT contract amendable date.

“Our workgroup has contributed to record profits at SWA. The Company has reaped $8.54 billion in profits while they delay a new contract with their AMTs. We have been negotiating with SWA for five years, which is irresponsible for a Company to delay taking care of their employees for this period of time and is unheard of at the LUV airline. We will continue to bargain in good faith and have addressed all of the Company’s operational needs thus far. We expect the Company to start bargaining in good faith and start addressing our member’s needs. It is time for SWA to remember its culture and the employees who have built this airline by working more with less and shared sacrifices.

“AMFA has the best technicians in the industry and we will not accept further outsourcing of maintenance or the loss of job security without any skin in the game or value in return. Currently, SWA outsources 70-80% of their aircraft maintenance, yet they continue to demand even more outsourcing up to 50% of the 737NG’s and 33% of the new 737MAX aircrafts to outside repair vendors. Additionally, SWA intends to increase the Pilot and Flight Attendant headcount, but to flat-line future AMT headcount through attrition, all while the aircraft fleet increases to produce future growth of the airline.

“We continue to be committed to contributing to SWA’s record profits by producing a safe, competitive, reliable, and on-time aircraft. SWA leadership needs to be held accountable and take care of their contributing employees.

 “AMFA members will be joined for informational picketing by representatives of the Southwest Airlines Pilot Association (SWAPA) and the Transportation Workers Union (TWU) Local 556 and Local 555, which represent the SWA Flight Attendants and Ramp Agents on August 16, 2017. Although these groups have recently negotiated and ratified their contracts with SWA, they recognize our battle and join in solidarity with AMFA.”


The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association is a craft oriented, independent aviation union. AMFA represents licensed and unlicensed technicians and related employees actively involved in the aviation industry. These technician and related employees work directly on aircraft and/or components, support equipment, and facilities. AMFA is committed to elevating the professional standing of technicians and to achieving progressive improvements in wages, benefits, and working conditions of the skilled craftsmen and women it represents. For more information about AMFA visit www.amfanational.org.

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