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Memo: LMS Problems
Jul 11, 2018



AMFA-SWA Members
Gene Painter, Assistant National Director
July 11, 2018
LMS Problems

As you are certainly aware, the LMS training system is not working correctly. We have discussed this issue with Southwest and there has been little improvement. 

We are now asking for your help to gather specific details of the problems you have encountered with the LMS training system, including times and dates, people you have notified, letters you have received, and anything else you feel may be important.

The Company has made the decision to discipline you for problems that they have caused by not addressing issues with the LMS system.  It may be time for AMFA to contact government agencies, such as the FAA, to insure our members remain in compliance with the FAR’s and remedy this ongoing problem. Outside agencies may need to be made aware of Southwest’s manipulation by using disciplinary letters to cover up current problems with the LMS training system. 

Staying current on your training plays a critical role in Southwest Airlines’ ability to secure ETOPS, which is why they are going after you with discipline letters. With all your help we can get these problems fixed in the near future.

Please send all your detailed examples as soon as you can to: gene.painter@amfanatl.org


Gene Painter
Assistant National Director

7853 E. Arapahoe Court, Suite 1100
Centennial, CO 80112

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