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National Vice President Announces New Card Drive at American Airlines
Nov 12, 2021

November 12, 2021

Dear American Airlines Mechanics and Related Employees:

We are excited to announce that a new card drive to replace the so-called “Association” has begun. The outcome of the previous drive was suspicious, to say the least, and your union along with the National Mediation Board (NMB) did everything they could to once again thwart your right to choose your representation. This outcome, and the outrage so many of you have expressed, has reenergized the movement and its organizers to pursue fairness and democratic ideals once again.

In the most recent card drive, the TWU/IAM “Association” realized their lucrative, pocket-lining role as your dual representation was very much at-risk and unfairly added 1,200 individuals to the eligibility list, thereby diluting the power of your voice. To further confound matters, we still have no explanation from the NMB as to why, with 7,228 signed authorization cards out of 14,402 NMB-defined eligible members (50.2%), there was no election granted. The NMB has thus far refused to explain this discrepancy, doing the American Airlines (AA) mechanics and related a huge disservice.

To say this showing majority of interest was close to a vote for union representation is a gross understatement. This new card drive clearly signals deep-rooted dissatisfaction and frustration with the current TWU/IAM representation, their infighting, and behind-closed-doors way of doing business. An organization that listens to its members would clearly have interpreted this initiative as a wakeup call, but not the Association. Instead of seeking ways to more authentically represent you, they are hellbent on revenge and protecting their status quo.

The TWU’s recent announcement they intend to commit $1 million of your dues dollars to threaten and raid AMFA-represented carriers is unscrupulous and reckless, especially given the division within their own tangible dysfunctional house. This move is an attempt to deflect and distract from the Association’s own prevalent flaws, like the TWU’s decades-long track record of massive concessions (B-Scales, C-Scale, SRP payrates and 17 years of concessions) while the TWU numbers have dwindled from 18,601 in the 2004 NMB Determination down to 14,402 in the 2021 NMB determination. That’s 23,454 combined AA-USAir since you began working under the 2003 concessions for nearly two decades. This means the total loss of M&R jobs was approximately 9,000 while you worked under TWU negotiated concessions to “Save Jobs, Prevent Bankruptcy, and Save Your Pensions!”

Not only did the TWU suffer loss of those 9,000 jobs, bankruptcy compounded the loss when your pensions were frozen in 2012 and subsequently you even lost the Company Match on your prefunding of retirement medical as it was sold by TWU International and Local Officers as “bankruptcy proof” protection. Ultimately, the forcing of the dual union -- TWU/IAM Association -- down the members throats without a vote was a reprehensible means for the two unions to hoard their piece of the pie at your individual expense.  

Unfortunately, the Association is tone-deaf, and still sees no reason to change its ways to better serve you. A wise person once said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome. The Association is the definition of insanity, and you deserve better. 

We are determined to give the AA Mechanics and Related employees a fair chance to choose their future; so far, you haven’t had that opportunity. We are excited to launch a new card drive and fight for your right to vote. This time we are prepared for the dirty tricks and legal wrangling. Organizers have Authorization for Representation cards available on the floor at your station and workplace. Please participate in this process and sign the card authorizing a formal election to be held.

AMFA is the only craft-specific union for mechanics and related and we are only committed to your best interests. We operate transparently, listen closely to our members, and speak with one voice. If this is the kind of representation you want, please sign a card today. 

In Solidarity,

Gene Painter
National Vice President


7853 E. Arapahoe Court, Suite 1100
Centennial, CO 80112

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