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AMFA-Horizon Air Negotiations Update #7
Jul 17, 2024

July 1, 2024

Participants for AMFA
Earl Clark – Region I Director
Will Abbott – Region II Director
Chuck Clum – Airline Representative 
James Lambert – Negotiating Committee Member
Lucas Middlebrook – Legal Counsel
Peter Manikowski - Economist 

Participants for Horizon Air
Cheri Ruger – MD, People & Labor Relations
Audrey Kahawai-Kekipi – Sr. Labor Relations BP
Baron Converse – MD, Maintenance Operations
Latrice Lee – Legal Counsel
Kyle Moline – Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

The AMFA-Horizon Negotiating Committee (the “Committee”) is providing this update to Horizon Air membership. This is the only officially authorized source of negotiating communications by your Committee.

AMFA and Horizon met in Seattle June 24-27, 2024, to continue bargaining toward a successor collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The issues of this session continued around wages and benefits, primarily Articles 23 – Benefits, Article 25 – Wages, Premiums and Shift Differential, and the associated letters of agreement.  Other open articles were also discussed.

On Day 1, Horizon passed a counterproposal to Article 7 – Overtime, which narrowed the gap on the open items, such as the hours that count toward your 40-hour workweek and when double time would be paid. AMFA provided a counterproposal on wages, benefits, and other economic items in response to the Company’s woeful “it wouldn’t ratify” offer of June 6. Our proposal sought to reward you and recognize the value you bring to Horizon by substantially increasing base pay, putting your A&P License in line with its value to the industry, rewarding your longevity, and properly recognizing the worth of the night shift. Remember, AMFA is here for the Technicians aviation-wide, not some narrowband of “regional comparators” selected by the carriers.

The parties then caucused for the rest of Day 1 and into Day 2. AMFA prepared Articles 13 and 14, in which we proposed replacing PTO with Vacation and EL with sick leave banks, while the Company worked on its economic counter-proposal.

In the afternoon of Day 2, the Company agreed to AMFA’s counterproposal on Article 7 – Overtime, and the parties were able to TA the article, which provides for guaranteed double-time for overtime for the first time in this CBA’s history. Thereafter, the Company passed another woeful economic proposal plodded with a 0.5% increase in base pay and $0.25 per license ($0.50 total). We view the Company’s offer on night-shift differential as something straight out of the 1980s. And, once again, the Company insists on comparing you to only ten “regional carriers”, but then when making those comparisons, they refuse to identify which carrier they view as #1 on license premiums, claiming that information is “proprietary.” 

AMFA prepared and passed a counterproposal that  afternoon, seeking to accomplish your base pay, license, longevity, and shift differentials goals. Your Committee also stuck to its proposals to make sure your health benefits could not be rolled back or premiums increased in unreasonable ways. We remain firm on our proposals to reward your efforts on Rescue/AOG missions and provide you with proper benefits if you move to work for Horizon.

Early on Day 3, the Company presented yet another dreadful proposal on wages, not moving on the base wage at all for AMTs and Shop Equip. Tech/Painters.  The Company increased their offer on base wage another 0.5% for Fleet Service and Cleaners. Their offer moved the 2nd license premium up $0.25 and the night shift differential up $0.15. The Company increased to $2.00 on inspector/RII/borescope premiums, but this is still insufficient. Unfortunately, the pace at which the Company is moving is wholly unproductive. Of note, the Company even continued its moving expense proposal to exclude “positive space travel” for your minor children to look for housing on a Company-paid move. This type of pettiness is representative of how Horizon has demonstrated its lack of respect for you and your hard work during these negotiations.

AMFA then countered again on economics by not moving on the base wages and decreasing $0.05 off certain items such as longevity and each license.

On Day 4, the Company’s same broken record continued as it crawled again on economics, providing next-to-no movement in its counterproposal. AMFA was prepared and countered quickly to keep negotiations moving while pushing back against these Company proposals that do not recognize your value or how aircraft maintenance has changed. AMFA also completed and passed our proposals on how PTO and EL should be phased out for Vacation and Sick Leave (regular and protected).

Seven economic counterproposals were passed during this four-day session, but we remain over 30% apart from the Company. We will not be frustrated—we will keep working just like you and for you against these worn-out Company tactics.

Our next session is not until August 19-21, 2024, in Seattle because the Company is seemingly busy with other negotiations the entire month of July. AMFA will pick up where we left off – fighting hard to secure wages and benefits your hard work deserves. We continue to extend an invitation to all Horizon members to attend and watch the negotiation process. Space will be limited to room capacity, so please contact AMFA-Horizon Air Airline Representative (ALR) Chuck Clum if you are interested in attending.


Your AMFA Negotiating Committee

7853 E. Arapahoe Court, Suite 1100
Centennial, CO 80112

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