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Alternate AMFA – SWA ASAP ERC Representative Candidate Profiles
May 26, 2016

 Candidate Profiles

In an effort to provide AMFA members with basic information about candidates for union office, AMFA National has offered all candidates in this election an opportunity to submit a Candidate Profile along with their picture. Profiles were limited to 400 words and are unedited except for inappropriate content. AMFA National neither endorses any candidate for union office nor was any candidate given special treatment.


 Alternate AMFA-SWA ASAP ERC Representative Candidates

John "Pepper" Atkinson

I am a candidate for Alternate AMFA ASAP Committee Representative. I am currently serving as your temporary AMFA alternate ASAP Representative.  I have been holding this position for several months since Larry Dildine accepted and was voted into the primary representative position. My experience did not start then, I have been a member of the ASAP committee in one fashion or another for over 12 years, both with AirTran and SWA. While I was at AirTran, I served as the Chief Steward for 7 years and was the union representative for the ASAP Committee from its conception. I continued as its representative until the purchase and merger by SWA. I served as an ASAP Liaison since the purchase of AirTran to help familiarize the AirTran mechanics with the SWA ASAP program. I was appointed to the Alternate position by AMFA National when Larry was elected to the Primary position. I am a line mechanic in Atlanta and serve as their Shop Representative since the SWA purchase. My communications with the ASAP committee has been constant and each week for the past few years I have participated in the meetings by conference calls. If elected I plan to travel to Dallas frequently and attend the meeting face to face.

It is my belief that ASAP is a very vital tool for AMFA. It protects the members from the company and the FAA. It enables the union to focus its resources in a more effective and useful manner and at the same time AMFA has complete over site with proper communication in place. It has been without doubt a tool that has saved many a mechanic money, disciplinary action and loss of his job.

On a personal note, I live in Newnan Ga., I have been married to a wonderful wife for 40 years and am very proud to say our one son is a pilot in the USAF. He has completed 5 tours of duty in the Middle East and has recently been promoted to Major.

If you have read my article in the past issue of “The Grapevine” you already understand why I believe ASAP is as important to you as a mechanic as it is to AMFA.

Thank you,
John “Pepper” Atkinson

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John J. Paonessa

No profile submitted.

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