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Alternate AMFA – SWA Outsourcing Liaison Representative Nomination Notice
Mar 05, 2019

March 5, 2019 -- AMFA National is calling for nominations from AMFA Locals representing the Southwest Airlines (SWA) membership for the position of Alternate Outsourcing Liaison Representative. AMFA National will accept nominations from each Local until 5:00PM ET, March 26, 2019.

The Primary AMFA Outsourcing Liaison Representative serves the AMFA – Southwest Airlines membership as their representative in the Maintenance Planning Department and shall report to the Airline Representatives, or their designee. The Primary is anticipated to be a full-time assignment based at the SWA Maintenance Facility in Dallas, Texas. The Alternate will serve in the event the Primary is unavailable. The term of service for the Alternate will commence on July 1, 2019, and will expire at 11:59pm et, June 30, 2021, or upon termination of the program, whichever occurs first.

All active AMFA members in good standing employed by Southwest Airlines under the Aircraft Maintenance Technicians contract are eligible to be nominated for this position. Nominations must be submitted to your Local in accordance with posted procedures.

The requirements, description, and expectations of the AMFA–SWA Outsourcing Liaison Representative position are outlined in the following document titled, “AMFA Outsourcing Liaison Job Requirements.”

Jay Johnson
National Secretary/Treasurer

AMFA Outsourcing Liaison Job Requirements

  1. Must be an active Member in good standing.
  2. Responsible to the Airline Representatives.
  3. Will work in Dallas. Will be embedded in the Planning Department. Required to attend all meetings within the Planning Department.
  4. Willing to work the entire shift behind a desk and be available by phone after normal working hours.
  5. Will receive all foreign and domestic outsourcing event notices from the Company.
  6. Must be computer literate – able to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel Spreadsheets, etc.) and
    other software.
  7. Process (enter into spreadsheet and forward) outsourcing event notices and provide recommendations to the Airline Representatives and Outsourcing Committees. Must be able to disseminate information to all three AMFA Locals.
  8. Monitor all add-on and reach-out work to insure compliance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Required to have full working knowledge of Article 2.
  9. Must track trends and total hours of outsource events on a spreadsheet.
  10. Monitor availability within all Southwest Airlines facilities to accommodate drop in work.
  11. Track volume of events (by man hours) at each facility performing Southwest Airlines maintenance, including internal Southwest Airlines facilities, to determine a more accurate baseline understanding of the ratio of internal to external work performed, and monitor changing trends.
  12. Review each event package prior to the induction date, insuring compliance with established guidelines per the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  13. Review engineering recommendations for task assignments and man-hour estimates. If there is a suspected inaccuracy, contact the appropriate Union Representative (Airline Representative, Area Representative, Shop Representative, O/S Committee) for clarification.
  14. Must review the Planning Department’s forecasting models for accuracy and provide recommendations to the Airline Representatives and Outsource Committees of suspect issues.
  15. Will monitor Southwest Airlines back shop production and provide recommendations to the Airline Representatives to prevent critical shortages in AOG components.
  16. Provide periodical training to the Alternate Liaison to serve in Primary’s absence.
  17. Must attend bimonthly Outsource meetings.
  18. May be required to travel to attend LEC meetings to represent outsourcing issues.
  19. Must agree to a “no compete” clause whereby the Outsourcing Liaisons are prohibited from accepting any position with the Company’s Maintenance Planning Department for a period of no less than thirty-six (36) months of leaving the AMFA Outsourcing Liaison position.
  20. May be required to perform additional tasks as outlined by the Airline Representatives.
  21. The Outsourcing Liaisons are subject to recall procedures as outlined in the AMFA Constitution.

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