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Collective Message From AEI Annual Congress 2020
Oct 19, 2020

October 14, 2020 

A spectre is haunting the World — the spectre of COVID-19. All the powers of aviation industry have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre. All airlines and MROs in the World have reduced their costs in order to compensate for their losses.

European aviation employee representatives declared a joint Press Release last month “COVID-19 & Aviation – Time to rethink” and warned that the tendency is heading towards to a dangerous level from the point of safety.

Aircraft Engineers International – AEI who is also one of the institutions autographed the release had its annual congress on 14th of October. Under extraordinary circumstances AEI and their affiliates managed to come together online and discuss hot topics in both local and global aviation maintenance environments.

AEI executives mentioned that despite the fact that the pandemic is doing great harm to the aviation industry, there is a strong hope for future. AEI has a constructive and practical views for a quick recovery of aviation.

Never before have so many aircraft engineers been under threat at one time. Job losses are already occurring as air traffic collapses and aircraft are parked up or placed in storage. Many governments around the world have stepped in to cover loss of wages etc. and have provided airlines with significant sums of money to help them survive. This should obviously be both applauded and supported. However, the fear is that government support in covering loss of pay is just holding off the inevitable tidal wave of unemployment that will follow once such support is withdrawn.

On the other hand, AEI will strongly resist initiatives that aim to keep reduced staff benefits permanent in aviation. We are totally aware of this COVID-19 caused a global regression in air travel, and it’s going to take a while before normality returns, but once the industry starts to heal their wounds, aircraft engineers who stood back to back with their employer in those bad days will and must get their benefits back without any persistent loss.

AEI calls all aircraft maintenance engineers to gather under a single banner: and the best place to come together is here: AEI.

In order to get more information about AEI, please visit: www.airengineers.org


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