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The Grapevine 2021 Issue 2
Jan 06, 2022
In this Issue
  • AMFA National Convention 2021
  • Amplify Our Voice
  • AMFA PAC—Become a Founding Member
  • Presentation of the AMFA Scholarship for 2021
  • Highest Honors — O.V. Delle-Femine Award
AMFA National Convention – 2021
By Jay Johnson, National Secretary/Treasurer
Left to right: Trevor Flint, Director of Finance; Earl Clark, Region I Director; Jay Johnson, National Secretary/Treasurer; Gene Painter, National Vice President; Bret Oestreich, National President; Scott King, Safety and Standards Director; Will Abbott, Region II Director; Ryanne Pelletier, Director of Administration.
Every four years, Local Delegates, National Officers, Rules Committee, and support professionals convene for an AMFA National Convention. For the first time in AMFA history, due to the COVID pandemic, the AMFA National Convention was postponed. The convention that was constitutionally prescribed to take place in May 2020 was held in July 2021 at the New York New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.
Festivities commenced on Sunday evening with a welcome reception for all convention guests, and official convention business started on Monday morning. National President Bret Oestreich welcomed guests with an informative and inspiring opening address. To start each day, we had guest speakers. On Monday, Region I Director Earl Clark presented Mark Dahl and Bob Cramer with the O.V. Delle-Femine Award, followed by a presentation by Mr. Keith Pemrick of Commonwealth Strategic Partners, AMFA's lobbying firm. On Tuesday, Stacie Monroe, founder of Advocate, Mobilize PACs (AMP) presented the new AMFA Political Action Committee (AMFA PAC), and on Wednesday, Dr. Karlene Petitt addressed the body. 
Following the guest speaker each day, Local Delegates fulfilled their primary purpose at the convention, debating member-submitted proposed amendments to the Constitution. By the end of the Convention, the Delegates had considered and addressed 74 amendment proposals and approved 20 of them. The approved proposals were then sent out for a membership ratification vote that was tallied on October 14. A revised AMFA Constitution will be posted to the National Website soon.
Typically, the National Convention is also the event where the delegates present their respective Local’s nominees for National Officers; however, we were able to complete this process via a Zoom meeting with the Local Delegates in May 2020 and uphold the timelines for the National Officer Election in accordance with Article VII of the AMFA Constitution.
Another order of business at the convention is to select the location of the next National Convention. The Delegates nominated various cities and finally voted to select Austin, TX, as the location of the National Convention to convene on the first Monday in May of 2024.
The Convention concluded with a closing report from the Rules Committee and the National President.
We'd like to thank all of the Delegates, Alternates, Rules Committee, observers, team members, legal counsel, parliamentarian, and guest speakers who attended and contributed to make this National Convention a success! We look forward to the next Convention in 2024. 
Amplify Our Voice
By Justin Madden, Executive Director of Government Affairs
Your government affairs team has been hard at work, monitoring legislation and regulatory changes that impact our craft. Our 2021 legislative priorities include foreign outsourcing, safety and security, workforce, and emerging technologies. 
We believe that issues with serious impact to our craft such as Part 65 certification, scope of duties, predictive maintenance/artificial intelligence, and others are on the horizon. AMFA is well positioned to have an impact as the craft’s voice via our participation as members of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee and Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Aviation Security Advisory Committee; however, we must continue to grow our political footprint and not let off the gas in the process in order to have the most success.
In addition to working on our legislative agenda, we’ve accomplished another first for AMFA by starting a political action committee (PAC) solely dedicated to our craft. AMFA PAC is open to all AMFA members and their families, and is designed for even more access, influence, and victories for our issues. It should be thought of as an additional tool in AMFA’s toolbox with the purpose of being a force multiplier by mobilizing mechanics for change.
With various donation amounts starting at $10 a month, you can join AMFA PAC and reap the personal and professional benefits that it offers. Visit www.amfapac.org today and help us amplify the craft’s voice and defend our profession. The bottom line is if we don’t speak out for our craft, then no one will—so join your fellow mechanics who are mobilizing for change.
Presentation of the AMFA Scholarship for 2021
By Jay Johnson, National Secretary/Treasurer
AMFA National Secretary/Treasurer Jay Johnson congratulates Lukas Wehring, 2021 AMFA Scholarship winner
Tucker Key, 2021 AMFA Scholarship recipient, receives his award from AMFA National Officers
AMFA National awarded two scholarships for 2021, and each applicant had to be currently enrolled in a school to gain their Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) license, had to be a U.S. Citizen, and were required to submit an application including a 500-word essay explaining what the Dirty Dozen means to them.
After careful review and consideration, the National Executive Council selected Tucker Key from the Aircraft Institute of Maintenance (AIM) in Charlotte, NC, and Lukas Wehring from the AIM in Irving, TX as the recipients of the AMFA Scholarship for 2021. National Officers presented Tucker and Lukas with a plaque and $2500 scholarship at their respective school in June and July 2021.
Tucker Key is set to graduate from AIM in 2021 with a 4.0 GPA. Tucker’s other notable accomplishments are he has a Bachelors degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of NC, business owner, two-time Mobile Robotics Skills USA State Champ, and 2014 Male Student Character Award. Tucker has a track record of leadership, including Club President and Regional Representative of Moore Skills USA and Senior Vice President of the Student Government Association. 

Tucker believes, “The Dirty Dozen can beat us up, can knock us down, and can keep us from becoming the best versions of ourselves inside our careers and out. Fortunately, if you accept this list of rules as a true reminder of how to limit these mistakes in your personal life, they can help you thrive the way they have helped me perform in mine and, every individual has to face the Dirty Dozen daily. I have simply chosen to recognize them all so I can grow above each and every one of them. Every day has the possibility to be something phenomenal.”
Lukas Wehring graduates from AIM in 2022 and has maintained a 4.0 GPA and made the Director’s List. In addition to his academic dedication, Lukas takes pride in his job at Tommy Terrific Carwash where he was awarded as the 'Top Salesman.'
Lukas states, “By knowing I accomplished my given job correctly I am not only safeguarding my well being, but also others that want to take an easier route. Most importantly I am putting in my due diligence to safeguard anyone that takes a step upon an aircraft. As an A&P this is my sole responsibility. Until we have the technology to create a safer environment, where human factors and interference is nonexistent. The dirty dozen should be considered my vow and guide to create a slightly better and safer world for everyone.”
Congratulations to this year’s recipients and thank you to all who submitted applications. It is inspiring to get a glimpse at the passion and quality of the next generation of Aircraft Maintenance Technicians.
Highest Honors — O.V. Delle-Femine Award
by Earl Clark, Region I Director
Left to Right: Jay Johnson, National Secretary/Treasurer; Will Abbott, Region II Director; Earl Clark, Region I Director; Bob Cramer; Mark Dahl; Bret Oestreich, National President; Scott King, National Safety and Standards Director
AMFA leaders gathered in Las Vegas in July for the AMFA National Convention, and the National Executive Council took the opportunity to present two individuals with the Association’s prestigious O.V. Delle-Femine Recognition Award.
This award was created in honor of AMFA’s founder and first National Director ‑ O.V. Delle-Femine “Dell,” and it is intended for people who exemplify outstanding and exceptional commitment in upholding the goals and objectives of this Association – the type of dedication that Dell himself had shown through the years.
From the very beginning of AMFA’s representation at Southwest Airlines in 2002, Mr. Robert “Bob” Cramer stepped up as an airline representative, first at Local 39, then Local 18, and most recently at Local 4. Bob served as an airline representative for about 18 years and was involved in negotiating the contract bargaining agreements of 2009 and 2019 as well as the AirTran Integration transition agreement. He brought a vast amount of knowledge of the contract to negotiations.
With all that has transpired during the COVID-19 pandemic, these two long-serving, dedicated AMFA representatives have decided to retire from their respective carriers. AMFA will miss Mark ad Bob and their exceptional commitment and dedication to our union and its members. We wish them the best in their retirement.
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AMFA has a mobile device app for its members. Available for both Android and Apple tablets and phones, the app is a quick link to the latest news and information from your Union. With built in GrievTrac access, the app also gives our contract representatives private access to file grievances on behalf of our members.
In addition to being a great tool to get Association news, the AMFA app is a quick and easy way for members to access their AMFA Number. The AMFA app is only available for download from the AMFA National Website; it is not found on iTunes.
If you are unable to download the AMFA App and do not have your AMFA Number, please register with the AMFA National Website and/or request a replacement membership card today. Your AMFA Number is required to participate in Association elections, referenda, surveys, and conference calls.
If you encounter problems registering with the site or downloading the app, contact the AMFA National Office for assistance.
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